RV Travel – Full Time or Part Time? Just enjoy yourself!

It is so interesting to see so many sites telling everyone that RV full time living is the life. Sell everything, hit the road and live the RV Travel freedom.

Yes, that sounds great, and yes some folks really like it, but it’s not for everyone.  Some of those folks think you want to give up your stuff.  Some of those folks think you are so low on funds that you should give up your favorite TV shows, or live just on solar power.  Some want you to give up your RV toilet and boondock all the time.

That’s okay, but that’s not what I am seeing out there.

I see some very happy people that are still working for a living, yes normal jobs.  Most still own their homes and only RV when the weather get to hot or cold.  Many have lived some hardship through family issues, or medical problems that caused them to look for more affordable living, and most are weekend campers.

Yes, there are a lot of folks that cannot retire, and do not have saved funds due to hundreds of reasons, and yes, and some of them want to use a RV for full time living to travel and to have a low overhead living cost.

Here is where the term ‘Earn Extra Income” can get a bit interesting when you visit RVers with sites out there claiming extra income products and services.

The truth is, real work is the best.  Workkamping or full time jobs are reliable, legitimate and can provide extra benefits.  Working at a RV Park, Working for Amazon during the holiday season, Working real jobs like retail, medical, hardware and skilled labor will provide real income and legitimate payroll services for taxes and benefits.

sales1There are ways to make extra income from websites, blogging and affiliate products, but it will only provide a few extra bucks, which is great for extra play money.  Not everyone whats to sit in their RV all day writing articles, pushing products, maintain software, and deal with web hosting issues.

I also caution folks that exposing to much about themselves, on the internet. It can cause security and personal problems.  I just watched a young man build up his YouTube following to a large number, only to have a bunch of internet trolls attack him personally through his college, and places he was\\ camping.  There are evil people out there.

Do not assume full time RVers are all strapped for cash, not when you pull into a RV resort and see half million dollar motor homes parked at every location you go to.  These people are not trying to earn extra income, they are not pushing a website, and they are not making RV travel Tip videos.  They are just retired, or are traveling professionals enjoying RV Travel and life.

I guess the point to this article is “RV Travel is different for everyone”. Do not assume anything.  Some are working, some are retired, some are part time, some are snowbirds, some are contract workers, some are going through hardship.  But all of them are just trying to enjoy life and deal with the cards dealt to them in life.

When it comes to income, just like everything in life, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.  You already know what jobs and skills are out there that will make you living income, listen to your common sense.

Most RVers I met, love to play, go to casinos, eat out, visit cities, go shopping, see shows, have a glass of wine, take pictures, play with their pets, go hiking, ride bikes, visit family, and just do stuff.  I haven’t met many folks that like sitting the their RV every day, boon docking and trying to push website affiliate products all day and night and make videos, only to earn a few dollars.  They claim to be happy, living the dream, claiming RV Freedom. Sounds a bit lonely to me.

I have also seen exceptions to all of this.  There are some very successful young and older couples making RV media products and services out there, and making a good living, Some are also helping the community through Red Cross and other nonprofit organizations.  Some are making and selling products on the road, following RV conventions and RV shows.  Some are happy, some will make you think they are happy, as they sell you a RV product, or service.

This article is embracing RV diversity. Any RV, is a good RV. New, used, Trailer, Fifth wheel, Motor home, Camper, or Pop-up.  It’s all good.  Part time, Full time, Snowbird or weekend camper.  Just learn what you can from us, and do what’s best for you and your family, and have fun. Life is short.
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Central Oregon Mermorial Day Weekend RV Travel – RV Travel Buddy #rvtravel


We currently have our RV setup in Central Oregon where we had a wonderful Family gathering.  Here is a little of what the week in Central Oregon was like.  Visit us at rv Travel Buddy: http://www.rvtravelbuddy.com .  See some more of our pictures at http://www.nwcustomimages.com .  We solute all of our military families and friends!

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Cinder Our Chocolate Lab Goes Swimming

In Washington, we do not get very many nice days, so when we do, we try to leave work early to play for the day.  Cinders owner was lucky enough to get off work early to take her to the “Off Leash Park” on the water of puget sound.  Cinder had a blast.  Thanks Boss!  Visit Cinder at http://www.whatmydogdidtoday.com  #chocolatelab  #rangerrob  #dogswimming


RV to Central Oregon – Arrived Okay


 This was our first pull of the new 2013 3625 RE Montana Fifthwheel.  I must admit it was heavier than my past trailers, but is so worth it!  It handled the road well, and did not move much on cross winds.  Sherry and I were very pleased.

 Once we got to Central Oregon, I also installed vent covers over our fantastic Fans.  In Washington, it rains so much, we could not keep them open when we needed it.  Now the rain will not be a problem.

  We will be keeping the Fifthwheel down in Central Oregon till July.  Not sure where we are going to place it after that.  We will return to Fadalgo Bay Resort, in Anacortes, Washington in October.  We are looking forward to spending extended weekends on Memorial Day, and the 4th of July in Oregon.20140423_184630

  Keep your eyes open for our next video about installing the Vent Covers.  Should be pretty funny.

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Moving the Fifth Wheel RV to Central Oregon


  We have decided to move the RV from Anacortes, WA. to Terrebonne, Oregon, Better known as Central Oregon.  We will be leaving it there on some families property for 2 months.  We will then bring the RV back up to Washington for the rest of the summer.

 We are very excited to get down to Central Oregon for some great Photography, and beautiful hikes.  Sherry and I always love how nice the people are that live down there.

Look forward to some great Videos!