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This is the home of the Mighty Rangerrob.
My mission is to share my Northwest outdoor adventures, products, services and knowledge with you, in a fun and informative way.  To always treat our visitors,  and customers with trust and respect.

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine



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2009 Season is here in the Northwest.

Well, we are looking forward to a great year of fishing and crabbing in the Olympic Peninsula region.
 May is here and now its time to get the Halibut gear out.  We will be working the Sequim area.
  After that, July calls out our name for some crabbing.

  Then it will be time to hit the salmon runs as the State allows.  We plan on working Sequim, Sekiu and Neah Bay.

  I look forward to meeting you up there.  Look for our Red Custom Weld Boat.  We are the ones with the big smile.

Hello Everyone!!,
  Just got back from a great Canada Fishing Trip at Lake Taweel, Canada.  In British Columbia.   We have a great video to share - Click Here

 Fishing For Bull Trout!!
 Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon

 Hello Rangers!!
What a wonderful day of fishing we had at Lake Billy Chinook, fishing for Monster Sized Bull Trout.

 We got out in the afternoon and started with whole herring, fishing deep. Lots of marks on the depth finder, but no luck.

 So we thought we would bring out our Rangerrob Secret Weapon, The Ultimate Lure, by Charlie White.

  Not 8 minutes went by, and the the Senior Rangerrob got on a nice little 7 pound Bull Trout.  Not very long after that, Ranger-Rob, the next generation nailed a 4 pounder.

  All were released back to be caught again, but what a fun afternoon we had.  We look forward to trying again in a few days.

Fishing and Crabbing Report - Sequim

Tracy Scribner

  Hello Fellow Rangers!!
    We have been working the Straits for a few weeks and finding the fishing to be as hard as Sequi and Neah Bay.  We were very luck to pick up one Small Chinook using a Black and White squid and about 49 feet of Water.
Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine Sequim Crabbing was pretty sweet.  Coming home with 9 very large males.  Later in the week it was a little slower with a lot of females loading up the pots.  Sequim Bay is a great place to drop pots if the water gets to ruff in the straits.
Sequim Washington Fishing Derby

Sequim, Washington Fishing Derby!!


Posted From One Of Our Rangerrob Readers

State_or_Country: CT
Subject: How Fish Finders Work?

The thrill of any fishing adventure begins with finding the right place to wet your line. Fishfinder allow anglers to quickly identify key targets and structure, as well as fish. A Fish Finder is a subset of a group of instruments called sonars. A Sonar consists of a transmitter, transducer, receiver and display. In the simplest terms, an electrical impulse from a transmitter is converted into a sound wave by the transducer and sent into the water. When this wave strikes an object, it rebounds. This echo strikes the transducer, which converts it back into an electric signal, which is amplified by the receiver and sent to the display. Since the speed of sound in water is constant (approximately 4800 feet per second), the time lapse between the transmitted signal and the received echo can be measured and the distance to the object determined. This process repeats itself many times per second. DISPLAY: The display shows a history of the received echoes. The user can make a number of adjustments to tailor the display to his or her preference, such as senitivity, the depth range and chart speed. Displays use a variety of technologies, provide different resolutions and number of shades of gray or color. Each display is made up of a number of pixels, which are little square blocks that make up the images. The more pixels and shades of gray or color the better resolution and image clarity. Fish Targets: Echoes from fish within the beam will be shown on the display by illuminated pixels. What image appears on the display depends on a number of factors: the sensitivity setting on the fishfinder, the cone angle of the transducer, the speed of the boat, and the size, depth, speed and direction of the fish. A fish that is swimming directly beneath the boat, it will create a consistent echo that will cause a continuous line to appear on the display. A stationary fish caught in a narrow beam transducer appears as a single point on the screen as the boat passes above it, whereas under the same conditions the fish appears as an arch if a wide beam transducer is used. To read moore of How Fish Finders Work, or select Fish Finder that right for you, please visit our site at: Almost anyone can now afford to own a unit that will assist in a better fishing.

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine

Well we headed down to Steelhead falls on the Deschutes River for a little Fly fishing.  We got there a little late in the morning.  Fishing was slow but we caught a few with Pink Ladies and green Scuds.  For a great get away and beautiful scenery, Steelhead Falls, on the Deschutes River in Oregon is a must.

Steelhead falls

Steelhead Falls

Steelhead falls

Steelhead falls


The Ranger was in Central Oregon last week and stopped to talk to some fisherman on the Billy Chinook Reservoir.  They were doing pretty good catching Kokanie.  Everything else was slow.  The water is still pretty cold.  Bass fishing should pick up soon.

Kok1.jpg (85882 bytes)

fishing.gif (4544 bytes)

ResOC.jpg (76239 bytes)

kok2.jpg (65075 bytes)

This is a sign of a desperate Winter fisherman - My Son the ham.    You may notice this fish has been dead for awhile.  Visit our Outdoor Kids Page!

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine


Well the Ranger and his friends just got back from a beautiful fishing trip from the Olympic Peninsula, to fish the Bogachiel River.  Although we did not catch any, the fishing was wonderful.  The river was clearing up and the skies were blue.   It was heaven.  I wish I could have tried a few other rivers, like the Calawha, but we got held up by a little trailer problem for two days (See RV page).  There were a few folks up there, but we had the river to ourselves pretty much.  I think most people though the weather was going to be bad, so did we.   But it was wonderful.  Just for that, it was a successful trip.  We stayed at Bogachiel State park, the review is on our Camping page.

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine

Ranger Fishing:

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine

Bogachiel evening sky

Here is a picture of a bass I caught last year. Local family pond. have caught
him three times since 9.11lbs. Brian Willbond Southern California.

Rangerrob Outdoor Magazine






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