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We currently have our RV setup in Central Oregon where we had a wonderful Family gathering.  Here is a little of what the week in Central Oregon was like.  Visit us at rv Travel Buddy: http://www.rvtravelbuddy.com .  See some more of our pictures at http://www.nwcustomimages.com .  We solute all of our military families and friends!

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RV Travel Buddy – New Look, New Feel, New Features and Free Listings

RV Travel Buddy is now a “All In One” full featured directory.  Now you can share your discoveries with other RV travelers.  List Boondocking and Free camping sites.  Find RV parks and Resorts.  Visit us today and create you own account.  Post for free!

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Cinder Our Chocolate Lab Goes Swimming

In Washington, we do not get very many nice days, so when we do, we try to leave work early to play for the day.  Cinders owner was lucky enough to get off work early to take her to the “Off Leash Park” on the water of puget sound.  Cinder had a blast.  Thanks Boss!  Visit Cinder at http://www.whatmydogdidtoday.com  #chocolatelab  #rangerrob  #dogswimming

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RV to Central Oregon – Arrived Okay


 This was our first pull of the new 2013 3625 RE Montana Fifthwheel.  I must admit it was heavier than my past trailers, but is so worth it!  It handled the road well, and did not move much on cross winds.  Sherry and I were very pleased.

 Once we got to Central Oregon, I also installed vent covers over our fantastic Fans.  In Washington, it rains so much, we could not keep them open when we needed it.  Now the rain will not be a problem.

  We will be keeping the Fifthwheel down in Central Oregon till July.  Not sure where we are going to place it after that.  We will return to Fadalgo Bay Resort, in Anacortes, Washington in October.  We are looking forward to spending extended weekends on Memorial Day, and the 4th of July in Oregon.20140423_184630

  Keep your eyes open for our next video about installing the Vent Covers.  Should be pretty funny.

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Thanks for reading, Take care!

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Moving the Fifth Wheel RV to Central Oregon


  We have decided to move the RV from Anacortes, WA. to Terrebonne, Oregon, Better known as Central Oregon.  We will be leaving it there on some families property for 2 months.  We will then bring the RV back up to Washington for the rest of the summer.

 We are very excited to get down to Central Oregon for some great Photography, and beautiful hikes.  Sherry and I always love how nice the people are that live down there.

Look forward to some great Videos!

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Removing Our Canopy From Our F350 Truck with only 2 people – Time Lapse

So, it is time for us to remove the heavy Canopy off of our 2002 Ford F350, and place our fifth wheel hitch back.  We have never done this before, and we knew it was heavy.  The process went well.  Hope our time lapse helps others out. We used (4) 1 x 4′s, (2) 2 x 4′s and (4) plastic saw horses. Visit us at http://www.rvtravelbuddy.com .  #rvtravelbuddy #canopy   #removecanopy  #f350  #fifthwheel


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What’s New with RV Travel Buddy? April 2014

  Lots of new stuff happening this month.

 We have a new video coming out about “Sunbirds”.  Simular to Snowbirds.  Also, it’s that time of year in Northern Washington State, “The Tulip Festival” has started.  Once again we will have a video featuring the Tulip farms.

 Make sure you visit us at RV Travel Buddy and sign up for our Newsletter.  You can also “Like Us” on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/rvtravelbuddy .

Have a great spring!

RV Travel Buddy

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