Moving the Fifth Wheel RV to Central Oregon


  We have decided to move the RV from Anacortes, WA. to Terrebonne, Oregon, Better known as Central Oregon.  We will be leaving it there on some families property for 2 months.  We will then bring the RV back up to Washington for the rest of the summer.

 We are very excited to get down to Central Oregon for some great Photography, and beautiful hikes.  Sherry and I always love how nice the people are that live down there.

Look forward to some great Videos!

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Removing Our Canopy From Our F350 Truck with only 2 people – Time Lapse

So, it is time for us to remove the heavy Canopy off of our 2002 Ford F350, and place our fifth wheel hitch back.  We have never done this before, and we knew it was heavy.  The process went well.  Hope our time lapse helps others out. We used (4) 1 x 4′s, (2) 2 x 4′s and (4) plastic saw horses. Visit us at .  #rvtravelbuddy #canopy   #removecanopy  #f350  #fifthwheel


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What’s New with RV Travel Buddy? April 2014

  Lots of new stuff happening this month.

 We have a new video coming out about “Sunbirds”.  Simular to Snowbirds.  Also, it’s that time of year in Northern Washington State, “The Tulip Festival” has started.  Once again we will have a video featuring the Tulip farms.

 Make sure you visit us at RV Travel Buddy and sign up for our Newsletter.  You can also “Like Us” on Facebook at .

Have a great spring!

RV Travel Buddy

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Get Paid With Your Camera

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I couldn’t believe that taking pictures could really make any money. But now I’m a believer.

Best regards,

RV Travel Buddy

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RV Travel Business Looking For Support

Moses-Lake-WA-8-2006-005-230x230It’s here!, and its growing! “RV Travel Buddy” has been launched by Rob and Sherry Scribner and are asking for your help and support. They are raising funds to take it to the next level withing 20 months.

Donations and Pledges are being asked for in return for some RV Travel Buddy Gifts. The funds are designed to open the staff to report around the USA, and Canada on RV Parks, Businesses and RV Families.

Please take the time to visit the link below, you will be part of a great RV Travel service in the future.


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RV Travel to Anacortes, Washington with Passport America RV Discount Winter Rates

We have the new Fifth Wheel setup in Anacortes, Washington at Fidalgo Bay RV Resort.  We will be here for 2 months and then move it to another park.  We would like to share the Passport American Winter Plan we are using this year as members of Passport America.  Visit Us at “RV Travel Quest” .  Sponsored by RV Travel Buddy:  Made by Rob and Sherry Scribner. #rvtravelbuddy  #rvtravelquest  #rangerrob


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Travel Highlights – Smith Rocks, Oregon

This is a great video of Smith Rock Oregon.  A real must see!

Travel Highlights is a new travel adventure series dedicated to show you some of the greatest travel highlights, big or small, to help make your next adventure even better. Hosted my Rob W. Scribner, outdoor and film enthusiast, will guide through his 4 day adventure about Smith Rocks, Oregon in 5 minutes in a fun and educational way.

Directed by: Rob W. Scribner
Produced by: Silver Phoenix Studios

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The RV dream is close, yet so far.

Only 23 months till I can retire.

 Yes a lot of folks ask why I want to retire so soon at 55. My answer is that me and my wife have a lot of things to go see, and it only get harder at we get older.

 There will never be enough money, so we will learn to live with what we get, and earn a little extra on the side, when possible.

 So many people have no idea how many great places, and people are out there to see, just in the USA.  In our travels, we have met some great people, cultures and regions so different from what we grew up in. Rv people seem to be special, likable and friendly.  You will live longer being around people like that.

I urge you to look at the RV life, and don’t put it off.  I have seen a lot of folks go that extra year for a bigger retirement, only to have health issues, or death months after.  Their dream never reached.

We will not be that person, will you?

Rob Scribner

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